The Impatient Farmgirl- Growing Strawberries in March!

So a few weeks ago I went to Costco and Sams and saw the first "spring bulb" displays out in the aisles.  Beautiful neat rows of white handled bags with pictures of sunripened sweet fruit beckoned to me.  "OH- Strawberries!!  Oh Raspberries!!!" I thought to myself excitedly, picturing my raised beds brimming with buckets of fruit that i could make jam with.

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They immediately triggered my "I better get these before they are all gone" response, and before I knew it-well, my cart was full.
It was such a strong pull from deep down that made me know that NOTHING was going to get me to miss out on this find!!
In hindsite- I am noticing that for the past several years I really believe that the stores have been conditioning us to "get it now or forget it" buying by offering seasonal and holiday items ridiculously early every year.   We  have become conditioned to get into crazy early pre-purchasing frenzy for pretty much everything. 
Back to the strawberries.  So there I was, in early MARCH in NEW YORK, looking at stuff I wasn't supposed to plant till May!!
Needless to say, not only did I get strawberry plants (for fear that if i waited till planting season they would already be gone)
but I also got blackberry and raspberry bushes, lillies and hollyhocks.

I justified it all to myself: the weather had been unseasonably mild for New York early spring, so I figured to ignore the steadfast rule to not put stuff in the ground till Mother's Day.

Heck- rules are made to be broken anyway- right??

So in the ground they went!!  I actually planted them all quite nicely in my raised beds!

I figured with the weather we were having- we most certainly wouldn't have to worry about snow...

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