More Bricks Please!!!

HA!!! (Sung like Mr. Rogers Neighborhood)
"It's a sparkely day in my neighborhood,
A sparkely day for a neighbor,
Do you have Bricks?
Could I have Bricks?!"

Well, I got an email from the "Brick Man" that I met on Craigs List last year and guess what?? HE HAS MORE BRICKS FOR ME!!!
YAY is all I can say.
"Why Tobi..." you may ask
"Don't you still have a huge pile of bricks you got from him last year and haven't moved them an inch?"
"Why YES..." I reply, "I certainly DO still have them, but NOW I don't have to decide between a Labyrinth or the waterfall brick walkway!"

The Best part of all this is- IT"S SATURDAY AND the HUBS isn't home and that means I am in like Flynn!!
I will post some pics for you later!
Sparkly Bricks,
Tobi !!


  1. LOL...can't wait to see your brick work! ;)

  2. Hi lovely!!! im so glad you can have both the labyrinth & waterfall walkway!!! it sounds like its going to be a fairy paradise!!! lovely thoughts

  3. Hi Tobi, I'm sitting here singing the song, those words really work with it to. lol
    Wow, a labyrinth & waterfall walkway sound fantastic! I hope that you have a wonderful rest of your day!
    P.S. You have been tagged, you are it!