DIY Labyrinth Complete!

Remember that pile of bricks i just got for free from Craigslist a few posts down?? Well, now they are becoming my new Labyrinth! This is the year of ZERO PROCRASTINATION TOLERANCE, so this picture is living proof! Well, I am back to work outside while I still have sun! The above picture is where I left off.

Voila!! The Labyrinth is finally filled in, now I just have to finish the center, and surrounding brickscape!

Happy Outdoor Wednesday!! Please visit the other outdoorsy folks posting for OUTDOOR WEDNESDAY!


  1. Your labyrinth looks GREAT! I am amazed, it must have taken a very long time to accomplish that. Be sure to post on OW when you are finished, it should be spectacular! Hugs, Cindy S.

  2. It is an amazing labyrinth! I go to an indoor one at one of the church's in our downtown area, and in the summer there is one that is opened for outdoors retreats.

    Very clever, just never thought of using brick.
    Nice Out door Wednesday!

  3. Looks FANTASTIC! really ARE a jill of all trades, aren't you?

  4. Wow and that was not just a ton of bricks, it was a ton of work!

  5. It's FABULOUS Sweetie!!!! Your even more gifted than I 1st thought..
    I feel soooo good when I pop by any of your blogs..Thanks for being You...
    Dena again...

  6. If you tell me you work full time I am going to just give it all up! You are an amazingly busy lady. You did a great job with the bricks!
    God Bless

  7. Absolutely wonderful! It makes me want to put one in my back yard but given the amount of roots growing along the ground and the fact that we have three large black Lab mix dogs who think the whole back yard is their personal pot-tay - just wouldn't work. But I'd sure walk in yours if I could. What fun!

  8. That is beautiful! A lot of hard work but it looks like it paid off.