DIY Labyrinth Complete!

Remember that pile of bricks i just got for free from Craigslist a few posts down?? Well, now they are becoming my new Labyrinth! This is the year of ZERO PROCRASTINATION TOLERANCE, so this picture is living proof! Well, I am back to work outside while I still have sun! The above picture is where I left off.

Voila!! The Labyrinth is finally filled in, now I just have to finish the center, and surrounding brickscape!

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Meditation Bowl For White and Watery Wednesday

Happy White Wednesday! Happy Watery Wednesday!
This is my meditation bowl. It is a lovely daily devotion. Here's how to do it, it takes but a few minutes and is a great way to start your day:

1. Find a lovely bowl that makes you happy whenever you see it.
2. Each morning, fill the bowl to the brim with cold, clear water taken from a tap that has been running for a few minutes.
3. As the bowl fills, picture the water being everything that has brought you to this point, the good and the not so good and accept it with love as the sum total of YOU, right now, as you are.
4. When the bowl is full, reflect on how you use your energy to nurture others, as you carry it to it's special place.
5. Set it down, add a beautiful flower or a leaf. Take another moment to appreciate the beauty of your life and it's fullness, and thank the Lord for having made it possible and getting you to this very minute.

The next day when you are to do this again, take your bowl of "life" water and use it to water a plant, tree or bush.

I hope you enjoy doing this simple yet powerful devotion as much as I do!!
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Chicken Soup For the Pixie Soul

Well, my Sparkly friends, since there has never been a chicken soup book written for Pixies, I guess I will do it. Yes Pixies have souls. Everything on earth does. Pixies are just like angels with ADHD, they are the angels that are always getting caught for their mischief and wind up in "Time-Out". I do not take part in anything that doesn't have God involved, so in my little sparkly universe, pixies are God's Creatures too! Okay- that explains the Pixie Soul thing.

Now, On to the SOUP!

I am still not feeling well yet, probably because the Pixies make me do projects like re-do the Pink Pixie Forest Workshop, or build a labyrinth when I think I am finally feeling better. I get all "in to it", and then have to do nothing the next day to pay for my "gotta do its".

Today is a "Pay for it Day" and I had not planned dinner and I feel yucky so I decided on Chicken Soup again.
I thought you might like to see an easy and healthy way to make this classic, Pixie Style!

For those of you who dislike reading directions, here is the recipe "IKEA ASSEMBLY STYLE" aka Pictures!

1. Take a big shiny pot and fill with water a bit more than halfway. If your pot isn't shiny, shine it first! Then dump in a bag of organic pre-peeled baby carrots.
2. Chop about 8 stalks of Organic Celery into 1 1/2 " pieces and throw in your shiny carrot pot.
Try to use organic if you can, it is better for you. If cost is a factor, then wash VERY well with dish soap (some pesticides are oil based) and RINSE REALLY WELL cause you don't want soapy soup!
3. Take some cotton kitchen string and tie a bunch of washed parsley and celery leaves and core into a "Bouquet Garni"...fancy french name for a bundle.
Add your fancy French Bundle to the soup!
4. Peel and half a sweet onion, and add it along with a handful of GARLIC. These are essential for getting better cause they make you smell and that makes people leave you alone for a little while. ;)
5. Add this much Bay Leaves, and real SEA salt if you are able, if not that's ok.
6. Now I add ground Cardamom (optional) I add it because It also has numerous health benefits such as improving digestion and stimulating the metabolism.
7. Then I add ground GINGER if I don't have fresh, and ground Cayenne Pepper.

The main medicinal properties of cayenne are derived from a chemical called capsaicin. In addition to adding heat to the pepper, capsaicin acts to reduce platelet stickiness and relieve pain.

Cayenne is used worldwide to treat a variety of conditions, including poor circulation, weak digestion, heart disease, chronic pain, sore throats, headaches and toothache. Cayenne soothes the digestive tract and stimulates the flow of stomach secretions and saliva. These secretions contain substances which help digest food.

Cayenne is the greatest herbal aid to circulation and can be used on a regular basis.

Ginger is classified as a stimulant and carminative, and used frequently for upset stomach, nausea and colic.

8. Lastly, I add 4 chicken thighs (more flavor and the fat from the skin helps extract the herbal properties) and a sprinkling of red pepper. Simmmer for a long time till your house smells like mama's and you feel comforted. When I serve it, I add fresh LEMON JUICE which gives it a yummy tangyness, and makes you not miss salt if you can't have any.

Enjoy my sparkly Friends!