Meditation Bowl For White and Watery Wednesday

Happy White Wednesday! Happy Watery Wednesday!
This is my meditation bowl. It is a lovely daily devotion. Here's how to do it, it takes but a few minutes and is a great way to start your day:

1. Find a lovely bowl that makes you happy whenever you see it.
2. Each morning, fill the bowl to the brim with cold, clear water taken from a tap that has been running for a few minutes.
3. As the bowl fills, picture the water being everything that has brought you to this point, the good and the not so good and accept it with love as the sum total of YOU, right now, as you are.
4. When the bowl is full, reflect on how you use your energy to nurture others, as you carry it to it's special place.
5. Set it down, add a beautiful flower or a leaf. Take another moment to appreciate the beauty of your life and it's fullness, and thank the Lord for having made it possible and getting you to this very minute.

The next day when you are to do this again, take your bowl of "life" water and use it to water a plant, tree or bush.

I hope you enjoy doing this simple yet powerful devotion as much as I do!!
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  1. A beautiful bowl and deep thoughts! :)

  2. Oh dear. My bowl would probably rust!

  3. Wow this was a beautiful idea and pic to go along with it!!!
    Thanks for sharing..We need to all do this more often. Realize what we already have and enjoy all of God' slittle blessings too.