Welcome All to Living Green!

Wow! I was just thinking to myself today "why are you starting all of these different blogs...and what will each blog be for?" Well my dear readers- Tobi Britton's Living Green has decided it's own fate. For me, Living Green feels like just getting down to earth... Appreciating the beautiful blessings we have, dealing with both the pretty stuff and the not so pretty stuff that comes up in our lives and trying to handle it all with grace, with as much love and understanding as each of us can muster while battling with the real demons which essentially are of course our egos. Living Green means Living raw- feeling our feelings... the pretty AND the not so pretty. Living Green means to find the natural beauty and grace we all have in consciously deciding at each challenging moment what part of us we choose to have show up. Do we choose to overwhelm and shut people down with our "Know It All" selves, or do we choose to extinguish the possibility of love and reconciliation with our "You are wrong-I am Right" judgmental selves. And when all is said and done...what REALLY MATTERS? I can tell you the answer- what always matters is love. What always matters is the relationship.
My goal is to find my own truth, and in making public my process, hopefully inspire others to move thru life's challenges in complete grace, love and understanding of each other.
Peace, Love and Cheerios


  1. Well, this is actually turning out to be more of a gratitude journal- it's all good I guess!

  2. you are so right -- love & truth. those are the only things that really matter. if those are a priority, everything else just falls into place. thank you for the insight! (o: